Permit indicia’s

A permit indicia is a postage payment method that is printed on at the time when you are printing your mail piece.  For Standard Class mailing you must have at least 200 pieces of mail or 50 pounds to use a permit indicia.  All mailers you are sending must be the exact same weight.  For First Class mailings you must have a minimum of 500 pieces to use a permit indicia.  Mail N’ Stuff Services provides the free use of their Presort Standard permit for all mailings we process which is a savings of $200.00 (USPS setup fee) and $200.00 (USPS annual fee).  Pieces that contain a permit indicia must be entered into the mail stream through a bulk acceptance mailing unit at the Post Office, they cannot be deposited in a standard blue mailbox.  If you have extra mail pieces you wish to hand address you can cover up the indicia using a regular postage stamp.  There are a variety of acceptable permit indicia formats, below is samples of our most commonly used indicias:



The permit indicia should be placed in the upper right hand corner of your mailing panel just as a regular stamp would be placed.  It should be an easily readable type size (8 point or larger) and a contrasting color to your mail piece (black print on white paper).