Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How many pieces do I need for a bulk mailing?
A.   You need 200 pieces of mail or 50 pounds to qualify for a bulk mailing.  Although this is the requirement it normally requires 500 pieces to “break even” in terms of cost.  The exception is with mailers who are mailing pieces that weigh over 1 ounce or for non-profit mailers.

Q.  How much will it cost for me to mail of 1000 pieces.
A.  Each individual mailing requires different processing.  The cost of a mailing is determined by the services provided such as the need for a mailing list, folding, inserting, metering, sorting, etc.  Once you have the complete information on what your needs are we will be glad to provide you with a written estimate.

Q.  How long will it take for my mail to be processed and delivered by the Post Office?
A.  We ask for 1-2 days processing time on jobs under 20,000 pieces and longer for jobs over 20,000 pieces.  On Standard Class mail you can factor 2-3 days for local area delivery (automated mail) and add 1 day for each zone area away from the entry point of the mail.

Q.  What type of response can I expect from my mailing
A.  Although it is impossible to predict with any accuracy, there are many factors that effect the response your mailing will receive.  We recommend that you make your mailing stand out, make it eye-catching by using colorful images and graphics.  If you are the creative and/or artistic type, designing your own mailing can be appropriate.  If you lack creativity it may be worthwhile to seek professional help.  Does your piece have a great offer that someone will want to act upon?  Are you targeting the people who are most likely to be interested in your mail piece?  It makes no sense to send a mailing that would be of interest to families with children to households of primarily senior citizens nor would it make sense to send information on home improvement to renters instead of homeowners.  Statistics indicate that the typical overall response to a bulk mailing is approximately 1%-5%.